A week in the Austrian Alps

The first week of my semester in Austria was spent skiing in the Alps. We stayed at the Berghotel (“mountain hotel”) Seidl-Alm in Saalbach-Hinterglemm. The views from the hotel were unbeatable.


The hotel is situated among the mountains, so the only way to access it is via a gondola ride and hike down a ski run. “Ski in and ski out” is the concept of the hotel.

I skied with a group consisting of 3 snowboarders & 6 skiers. It was the first time I had ever skied with that many people, but by the end of the week I came to really enjoy their company!


For a couple days, the clouds hung low in the sky, and only the tips of the mountains were visible. We skied in and out of the clouds with variable visibility, but it made for some dramatic shots.


On one of our longest days, we skied from first lift to last (9am-4pm) and made it around the entire ski resort.

I thought the Rockies were a beautiful site, but the Alps are really something special- It will not be my last time visiting.


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