The Climb

We started our day on Saturday quite early, so the next stop was to climb the Palazzo Vecchio to get a 360° view of the city. Because the buildings are all extremely close together—hence the very narrow streets—being up high is ideal in order to get an overview of the entire city. The Palazzo Vecchio is the Florence’s town hall building, and it has a tower for people to climb.

At the halfway point, we already had an incredible view of the Duomo and the surrounding mountains.mrn_0705

At the very top, we got a perfect shot of the Duomo on one side, and the Arno (the largest river in Tuscany that runs through Florence) on the other.

Of course we had to take our obligatory selfie shot of us checking out the cathedral!mrn_0739After making it to the top and being completely awe-struck, I can say with confidence that the 416 steps and 12€ museum + tower ticket were well worth it!



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