Piazzale Michelangelo

The initial plan was for us to visit the Piazzale Michelangelo at sunset for a panoramic view of Florence. However, Anna admitted the last time she went during that time it was much too crowded. So, instead we ventured there after a decadent lunch at Mario’s, a hole in the wall restaurant whose tables fill up minutes after opening.

At the top, a grand set of steps leads down to the piazzale (compared to a piazza with buildings on 4 sides, a piazzale has one side that is open). It is common for people to bring a bottle of wine and sit on the steps to watch the sun set over the city.



View from the steps

After the hike up, Anna and I spent some time taking photos and relaxing on the steps to chat and enjoy the unusually quiet setting (versus the bustle of the touristy inner city). We were very comfortable and very content!

A map of the “Town of Florence” points out the main buildings and iconic landmarks.

We took a different way down than the way up, on the opposite side of the hill. This way, we had yet another perspective of the city.


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