Rocky Start

Gabby and I arrived late to BCN (after realizing she booked the wrong flight), almost missed the last Metro of the night from the airport into the city center, and aimlessly wandered the empty streets with no Wifi trying to find my friend Jessie’s apartment. When we finally located it, we realized we didn’t know her flat number and had no way to contact her. Out of sheer luck, she heard us talking through her open living room window and let us in. We got 3 hours of sleep that night, and started early the next day. Our first destination- Park Güell, one of the major works of the Catalan-Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí.MRN_1099

We decided not to pay the entrance fee for access to the Monumental Zone (seen above), and instead enjoyed the views and trails in the public area.


The public area of Park Güell is vast- we spent about 3 hours there, wandering and enjoying the much needed warmth from the sun that we have been missing in Vienna.


A group of musicians entertained the crowd with their music and expressive dancing under large, stone columns.


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