Austrian Weekend Trip

I decided to go on a weekend trip with the Erasmus Buddy Network (EBN) program at WU. They coordinated the transportation and lodging for the night. Our first stop was to Mauthausen, a former concentration camp. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from our tour. Next, we drove to Bad Ischl, where we had dinner and slept for the night. After dinner we took a night hike as a group and saw a beautiful view of the lit up town.


The next morning, we headed to Hallstatt for the day. We had a guided walking tour through the tiny town and then had some time to wander before the afternoon salt mine tour. We learned that the Chinese loved the picturesque town so much that they replicated their own version of Hallstatt in China.



Because of Hallstatt’s remote location, people in the 18th century began to run out of space to bury their dead. So instead they started painting their skulls, and a small church still houses more than 1200 of the decorative skulls.


The final stop on our trip was to Mondsee, where the iconic yellow church wedding scene from the Sound of Music was filmed. This was a film I watched almost every night before bed as a child, so it was a nostalgic end to the weekend!



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