Brussels & Beer & Lots of Chocolate

My month-long spring break began with a 3 day trip to Belgium. Gaby accompanied me and we met Anna and Madison there. The first day we stayed and toured Brussels. The following are photos of the Grand Place, the city’s central square. It’s amazing how the square is transformed from day to night. One night, we bought beers at the store to bring to the square and just sat for an hour to people watch. The place was full of people, including a group of teenagers playing music and a father with his baby, who joined the teens to dance to their beats. It was a heartwarming sight!




Like many European cities, Brussels boasts historic and grand architecture, including the Stock Exchange and Royal Palace buildings.


Brussels Stock Exchange


We took a walk just as the sun was setting, and it made for some enchanting photos of the city.



And of course we stopped at a “do it yourself” chocolate shop in theĀ Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert to pick out decadent truffles and, my personal favorite, chocolate covered orange peels, to gorge on after dinner every night.




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