Belgian Day Trips

On our second day in Belgium, we headed to Brugge- known for its medieval charm and herds of swans. Unfortunately for us, we were informed that because of a recent bird flu scare, all the swans had to be put into quarantine, so there were none for us that day. Upon arrival, we strolled through some smaller, residential streets before reaching the main square.

We stumbled upon Old St. John’s Hospital, built in the 11th century and one of Europe’s oldest surviving hospitals. It is located next to the Church of Our Lady, whose tower can be seen peeking out from behind the hospital building.

Just past the church is the Bonifacius Bridge, or what many people refer to as the “Fairytale” Bridge. Legend has it that after you cross the bridge, the first person you see on the other side is who you will marry.

After wandering a bit further past picturesque buildings along the river, we sat down for lunch until our walking tour later that afternoon.MRN_0836Our tour began in the main square, called The Markt.MRN_0891We were then led around the most significant areas of the city, according to our tour guide. The following are photos I took during the tour!

These (above and below) are good representations of the medieval charm I mentioned earlier.MRN_0849


More picture perfect shots along the river!

Of course I had to stop and snap a photo when walking past this forest-field full of flowers.


Anna-in-red-coat versus old red door (located in the old red light district). It seems people used to be a lot smaller back then..


Our last day in Belgium was spent another train ride away from Brussels in Ghent. I would almost go so far to say Ghent was my favorite of the 3 cities. It was a lot calmer and less populated with tourists. Additionally, it seemed the entire city ran along the river!



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