2 Tours, 1 Day

I went on 2 free walking tours on my second day in Hamburg. The first one was a tour of the city’s main attractions, and the second one focused on the St. Pauli area, which includes the famous red-light district centered around the Reeperbahn street. The following are the remaining photos I took throughout the day; before, during, as well as after the tours. Most of the photos are described via captions.


St. Pauli is located between the Altona district and Hamburg. Legend has it the name Altona comes from “allzu nah” (all too close), referring to the city’s close proximity to the border of Hamburg. Originally, sailors would come to St. Pauli for entertainment during their stay in Hamburg or Altona. Our tour guide informed us that since then, the St. Pauli district has unfortunately fallen victim to gentrification, and the cost of living in the area has risen noticeably.


Oldest police station in Hamburg, located on Reeperbahn street and still functional.

The next photo depicts the few old houses that remain after the Great Fire and WWII. They are situated directly along a canal. Many contain a small room the juts out of the house and over the water. Our tour guide said these were once used as water closets, and the waste would fall directly into the canal (as intended..), contaminating the water.


The Alter Elbtunnel (Old Elbe Tunnel) was originally built in the early 20th century to increase the ease of transportation between the central city and the busy shipyards and docks on the other side of the Elbe River. It was the first underground river tunnel in Europe and measures 426.5 meters in length.  It is now open to the public (free for pedestrians and bikers, small fee for automobiles).



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