I met Anna for a weekend in Milan. The first night we took a walk around the city center after dinner while the tourist crowds were minimal, and visited the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, most notable for housing the original Prada store.


We came back the next day during our walking tour.


In the center of the gallery is a floor mosaic of a bull. Legend has it if you dig your heel into its balls and spin around 3 times, it will bring you good luck.


Our walking tour met in front of the massive Gothic-style Duomo di Milano, or Milan Cathedral.


This beautiful cathedral took 6 centuries to build, and it is still incomplete.

If you look closely, the bottom right half of this bronze door (one of five) suffered damage from bombings during World War II.


More churches we passed during our tour.


Ca’ Granda, which is now home to the University of Milan, was once used as a medical center for poor, Milanese people.

Banca di’Italia – Bank of Italy


Our tour guide ended the tour at a sculpture of a cutoff middle finger in front of the Milan Stock Exchange. This art piece from Maurizio Cattelan was meant as a gesture from “the people” towards Italian capitalism.


During late afternoon, we wandered to the Castello Sforzesco, a medieval-renaissance castle that sits at one end of a large park called Parco Sempione. We spent a good hour people watching while sitting on the grass in the hot sun.


Porta Sempione, Milan’s city gate, at dusk. We sat here until the sun was almost down.



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